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Mince Pies Made with Love

Our beautifully hand-crafted mince pies get my British expat husband, Lee’s joyful stamp of approval. Made with the finest quality dried and fresh fruit available, and marinated in Maker's Mark 46 premium bourbon for at least three months, our pies offer more depth of flavor and are more balanced and layered than any other mince pie available on this side of the pond.

Ours is a commercial kitchen with heart—and this authentic and much-beloved British holiday dessert will quickly become your annual Christmas tradition.

What do people say about our mince pies?

"The most delicious mince pies. As a Brit, I've enjoyed quite a few mince pies from Fortnum & Mason and Harrods but then Tracie introduced me to hers—Nana Tay Tay's. They are delicious, the filling is sweet with just the right boozy kick, and the pastry just melts in your mouth."

Keily Tomlin - Harlow, England

"I order a package of Nana Tay Tay's mince pies every time I order take out from Merlins Rest, which is at least two times a month. Prior to last December, I had never had a mince pie. Now they are my favorite treat."

Jonathan - St Paul, MN

"These pies are better than my English grandma used to make. Nana T's definitely takes the time to marinate their mince. I order them for my family every year."

Cindy - Charlotte, NC (originally Manchester, England)

"We were introduced to mince pies two years ago when they were being sampled at Merlins Rest. We now order them for all our holiday parties."

Sam, Martha, and Scott - Minneapolis, MN